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Series Key = TS_GP_BAM_SIRFE25_M.RRFE0010Rate of Remuneration on FE-25 under Cash Reserve Requirements4.32,4.34,4.35,4.32,4.32,4.33 Percent 4.32 4.34 4.35 4.32 4.32 4.33
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Dataset Overview
Business AreaInterest Rates
Dataset NameStructure of Interest Rate: Rate of Remuneration for FE-25 CRR Deposits
Dataset DescriptionThis dataset is based on data of interest rates announced by DMMD for CRR deposits under FE-25.

For explanation on data compilation methodology, please click here.

Data SourceState Bank of Pakistan
Data FrequencyMonthly
Available SinceSep-2003
Available UptoApr-2024
Last Refresh Date06-May-2024

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