Dataset Series (showing observations of recent periods)
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Series Key = TS_GP_ER_REERNEERO_M.N00010a. NEER (Base 2000=100)92.06,91.71,91.53,91.84,90.93,89.4 Index 92.06 91.71 91.53 91.84 90.93 89.40
Series Key = TS_GP_ER_REERNEERO_M.R00010b. REER (Base 2000=100)93.25,92.6,92.76,92.96,91.41,89.65 Index 93.25 92.60 92.76 92.96 91.41 89.65
Series Key = TS_GP_ER_REERNEERO_M.N00020c. NEER (Base 2000=100): MOM Changes-2.78,-.38,-.2,.34,-.99,-1.68 Percent -2.78 -0.38 -0.20 0.34 -0.99 -1.68
Series Key = TS_GP_ER_REERNEERO_M.R00020d. REER (Base 2000=100): MOM Changes-3.34,-.7,.17,.22,-1.67,-1.93 Percent -3.34 -0.70 0.17 0.22 -1.67 -1.93
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Dataset Overview
Business AreaExternal Sector
Dataset NameNominal/Real Effective Exchange Rates Indices of Pak Rupees (Base Year: 2000)
Dataset DescriptionNominal Effective Exchange rate (NEER) is an index of the bilateral nominal exchange rates of one country relative to its major trading partners or selected basket of currencies. The bilateral nominal exchange rate index with each trading partner weighted by that country’s share in imports, exports, or total foreign trade. While the Real Effective Exchange rate (REER) is an index of the price of a basket of goods in one country relative to the price of the same basket in that country's major trading partners. The prices of these baskets expressed in the same currency using the nominal exchange rate with each trading partner. The price of each trading partner's basket weighted by its share in imports, exports, or total foreign trade.

Historical data from Jan 1970 up to Jun 2001 is provided here on base year 2000. Thereon, data on base year 2010 is available here.

Data SourceState Bank of Pakistan
Data FrequencyMonthly
Available SinceJan-1970
Available UptoJun-2001
Last Refresh Date16-Dec-2022

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