Dataset Series (showing observations of recent periods)
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Series Key = TS_GP_FI_SUMFIPK49_Y.FI00010I Direct Investment2406.57,2780.29,1362.39,2597.51,1820.5,1867.84Million USD 2,406.57 2,780.29 1,362.39 2,597.51 1,820.50 1,867.84
Series Key = TS_GP_FI_SUMFIPK49_Y.FI00020      i FDI Inflow3110.78,3494.51,2785.22,3322.07,3061.44,2622.53Million USD 3,110.78 3,494.51 2,785.22 3,322.07 3,061.44 2,622.53
Series Key = TS_GP_FI_SUMFIPK49_Y.FI00030      ii FDI Outflow704.21,714.23,1422.82,724.55,1240.94,754.69Million USD 704.21 714.23 1,422.82 724.55 1,240.94 754.69
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Dataset Overview
Business AreaExternal Sector
Dataset NameSummary of Foreign Investment in Pakistan (FY49-Onward)
Dataset DescriptionForeign investment involves capital flows from one country to another, granting the foreign investors extensive ownership stakes in domestic companies and assets. Foreign investment denotes that foreigners have an active role in management as a part of their investment or an equity stake large enough to enable the foreign investor to influence business strategy.
Data SourceState Bank of Pakistan
Data FrequencyAnnual
Available Since1949
Available Upto2022
Last Refresh Date21-Jul-2022

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