Dataset Series (showing observations of recent periods)
ViewSeries NameGraphUnit24-Nov-202225-Nov-202228-Nov-202229-Nov-202230-Nov-202201-Dec-2022
Series Key = TS_GP_IR_REPOMR_D.ORRWeighted-average Overnight Repo Rate14.83,15.31,16.32,15.75,15.52,15.23 Percent 14.83 15.31 16.32 15.75 15.52 15.23
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Dataset Overview
Business AreaInterest Rates
Dataset NameStructure of Interest Rate: Repo Market Rates
Dataset DescriptionRepo rate is a volume-weighted average rate of all money-market repo deals. In a repo deal, a bank or other financial institution sells government securities with an agreement to repurchase the same securities on a specified date in future. Repo dealing is used to manage short-term wholesale liquidity, and is an integral to money market’s functioning.
Data SourceState Bank of Pakistan
Data FrequencyDaily
Available Since25-May-2015
Available Upto01-Dec-2022
Last Refresh Date02-Dec-2022

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