Dataset Series (showing observations of recent periods)
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Series Key = TS_GP_RLS_SALEFERT_M.F_001000Total Fertlilizer Sales/Offtake512,883,530,578,659,648Thousand Metric Ton 512.00 883.00 530.00 578.00 659.00 648.00
Series Key = TS_GP_RLS_SALEFERT_M.U_002000      Urea Sales/Offtake418,737,463,552,539,367Thousand Metric Ton 418.00 737.00 463.00 552.00 539.00 367.00
Series Key = TS_GP_RLS_SALEFERT_M.D_003000      DAP Sales/Offtake94,146,67,26,120,281Thousand Metric Ton 94.00 146.00 67.00 26.00 120.00 281.00
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Dataset Overview
Business AreaReal Sector
Dataset NameSales/offtake of Fertilizers
Dataset DescriptionThis dataset consists of monthly sales/offtake information on fertilizers of Urea & DAP. The data is acquired from National Fertilizer Development Center (NFDC) (website: ). This information is useful to gauge the performance (yield levels) of crop sector of the economy. SBP is providing this data to facilitate government functionaries, academia and other researchers. Timely availability of this data is subject to its receipt from the source.
Data SourceNational Fertilizer Development
Data FrequencyMonthly
Available SinceJul-2006
Available UptoOct-2022
Last Refresh Date24-Nov-2022

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