Total Outstanding Advances from KPK
Unit: PKR

Series Level Information
Reference DatasetProvince-wise Advances and Deposits by Borrowers/Category of Deposit Holders
Series Short NameAdvances.KPK.Total
Series NameTotal Outstanding Advances from KPK
Series DescriptionData on ┬┐Outstanding Advances┬┐ is based on disbursements by the bank branches located in the respective regions and place of actual utilization for these advances may be different from the place of disbursements. The regional position may not reflect the true picture since offices of large companies operating in different regions might have used banking facilities located in different regions. "Outstanding Advances" mean the advances/loans recoverable at the end of the period (30th June or 31st December). Advances includes all type of advances except interbank placements and is the amount of money borrowed from banks for a period of time at a rate of interest and at terms of repayments as agreed between the borrower and the banks backed by a collateral.
Data FrequencyHalf-yearly,semester
Variable TypeStock (level) Variable
Available SinceJun-2001
Available UptoDec-2022
Last Refresh Date28-Apr-2023
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