Economic Policy Uncertainty Index-2 Newspapers
Unit: Index

Series Level Information
Reference DatasetEconomic Policy Uncertainty (EPU) Index
Series Short NameEPUI-2 Newspapers
Series NameEconomic Policy Uncertainty Index-2 Newspapers
Series DescriptionEconomic Policy Uncertainty is an index to measure the policy-related economic uncertainty in Pakistan, based on articles pertaining to the Economy (E), Policy (P) and Uncertainty (U) published in two leading English language Pakistani newspapers; Business Recorder and Express Tribune. It is calculated on monthly basis. Policymakers / researchers / analysts use this to measure the level of uncertainty and stress in the economy and it facilitates in their macroeconomic analysis, policy and decision-making process.
Data FrequencyMonthly
Variable TypeRatio/Percentage/Index
Available SinceAug-2010
Available UptoJul-2023
Last Refresh Date07-Aug-2023
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