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NameReference DatasetFrequencyData SourceAvailable SinceAvailable UptoLast Release Date
Branchless Banking Key Indicators Data-QuarterlySBPJun-2018Dec-202212-Apr-2023
Branchless Banking Transaction Data-QuarterlySBPJun-2018Dec-202212-Apr-2023
Economic Policy Uncertainty (EPU) Index-MonthlySBPAug-2010Jul-202307-Aug-2023
Financing of Fixed Industrial Investment to Private Sector - Gross Disbursement (FY 1996 - FY 2005)-AnnualSBP1996200525-Sep-2023
Financing of Fixed Industrial Investment to Private Sector - Gross Disbursement (FY 2006 - Onwards)-AnnualSBP2006202225-Sep-2023
Monthly Statement of Position of All Scheduled Banks-MonthlySBPJul-2020Aug-202312-Sep-2023
Payment Systems Quarterly Data-QuarterlySBPMar-2007Mar-202312-Sep-2023
Advances Classified By Securities/ Borrowers-MonthlySBPJun-2019Aug-202320-Sep-2023
Province-wise Advances and Deposits by Borrowers/Category of Deposit Holders-Half-yearly,semesterSBPJun-2001Dec-202228-Apr-2023
Central Bank Survey-MonthlySBPJun-2008Aug-202318-Sep-2023
Central Government Debt-MonthlySBPJun-2010Jul-202305-Sep-2023
Credit / Loans Classified by Borrowers-MonthlySBPJun-2019Aug-202320-Sep-2023
Depository Corporations Survey-MonthlySBPJun-2008Jul-202304-Sep-2023
Deposits Distributed by Category of Deposit Holders-MonthlySBPJul-2019Aug-202318-Sep-2023
Province/Region-wise Disbursement and Utilization-Half-yearly,semesterSBPDec-2010Dec-202228-Mar-2023
Financial Corporation Survey-QuarterlySBPJan-2017Mar-202314-Jul-2023
Government Domestic Debt and Liabilities-MonthlySBPJul-2009Jul-202305-Sep-2023
Loans to Private Sector Business by type of Finance-MonthlySBPJun-2019Aug-202320-Sep-2023
Loans to Textile and Readymade Garments Sectors-Half-yearly,semesterSBPDec-2019Dec-202203-Mar-2023
Quarterly Broad Money M2-QuarterlySBPJun-2014Mar-202319-Apr-2023
Weekly Broad Money M2-WeeklySBP04-Jul-201408-Sep-202320-Sep-2023
Monetary Aggregates (M3) - Monthly Profile-MonthlySBPJun-2006Jul-202304-Sep-2023
Other Depository Corporations Survey-MonthlySBPJun-2008Jul-202304-Sep-2023
Other Financial Corporation Survey-QuarterlySBPJan-2017Mar-202314-Jul-2023
Outstanding Domestic Debt of Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs)-QuarterlySBPJun-2009Mar-202315-May-2023
Pakistan Debt and Liabilities Summary-QuarterlySBPJun-2009Jun-202215-May-2023
Quarterly Reserve Money RM-QuarterlySBPJun-2014Mar-202319-Apr-2023
Weekly Reserve Money RM-WeeklySBP04-Jul-201408-Sep-202320-Sep-2023
Structure of Interest Rate: Export Finance Scheme-As-NeededSBP01-Jul-200127-Jun-202327-Jun-2023
Structure of Interest Rate: Rate of Remuneration for FE-25 CRR Deposits-MonthlySBPSep-2003Aug-202301-Sep-2023
Structure of Interest Rates: KIBORs and KIBIDs -DailySBP09-Jun-200528-Sep-202328-Sep-2023
Structure of Interest Rate: Long Term Financing Facility-As-NeededSBP01-Apr-201027-Jun-202327-Jun-2023
Structure of Interest Rate: PIBs Auction Rate-As-NeededSBP14-Dec-200018-Sep-202319-Sep-2023
Structure of Interest Rate: T-Bills Auction Result-As-NeededSBP24-Jun-200420-Sep-202321-Sep-2023
Structure of Interest Rate: Weighted Average Lending and Deposit Rate-MonthlySBPJul-2004Aug-202328-Sep-2023
Savings Mobilized by National Saving Schemes-MonthlySBPJul-2017Jul-202305-Sep-2023
Weighted Average Lending and Deposit Rates-MonthlySBPJan-2004Aug-202326-Sep-2023
Summary of Balance of Payments as per BPM4 -QuarterlySBPSep-1995Jun-200222-Nov-2021
Summary of Balance of Payments as per BPM5-QuarterlySBPSep-2002Jun-201422-Nov-2021
Monthly Summary of Balance of Payments as per BPM6-MonthlySBPJul-2013Aug-202314-Sep-2023
Summary of Balance of Payments as per BPM6-QuarterlySBPSep-2002Jun-202318-Aug-2023
Banks' Foreign Currency Deposits and Borrowings from Abroad-MonthlySBPJun-2017Aug-202326-Sep-2023
Foreign Currency Deposits-MonthlySBPMay-2003Aug-202312-Sep-2023
Foreign Direct Investment in Pakistan by Sector on ISIC-IV Broad Structure-MonthlySBPJul-2015Aug-202319-Sep-2023
International Investment Position of Pakistan (BPM5) - Summary-QuarterlySBPDec-2003Mar-202306-Jul-2023
International Investment Position of Pakistan (BPM6) - Summary-QuarterlySBPMar-2014Mar-202306-Jul-2023
Import Payments by Commodities and Groups-MonthlySBPJul-2003Aug-202314-Sep-2023
Import Payments by all Commodities-HS2 level-MonthlySBPJul-2003Aug-202314-Sep-2023
Import Payments by all Countries-MonthlySBPJul-2003Aug-202314-Sep-2023
Old & New Foreign Currency Deposits-MonthlySBPJun-1978Aug-202312-Sep-2023
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Search datasets and series allows a user to search through the entire database using an easy to use interface.

The database is designed with standard dimensions that are associated with each variable. These dimensions are:

Frequency: This is the data dissemination frequency. A variable (e.g. Currency in circulation) may be disseminated on different frequencies (such as weekly as well as monthly).

Subject area: This is a logical grouping of datasets that defines a subject area.

Data Source: Users may also search using data source. Currently, selected datasets compiled and disseminated by State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) are included in our database.

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