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1. What is EasyData?

EasyData is an online data repository offered by the State Bank of Pakistan. It gives access to a wide range of historical and current data compiled by the State Bank of Pakistan,
selected datasets compiled by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, and other official sources and associations. It is maintained by the SBP’s Data Services and Innovations Department.
EasyData has a user-friendly and intuitive interface to make data access easier.

Over time, our goal is to add more datasets so that users can find data on Pakistan’s economy at one place. New additions are continuously displayed on the homepage of EasyData.

While EasyData also provides you with simple chart controls, it is chiefly a data provision service rather than an analytical service. Indeed, users are encouraged to download the
data in ubiquitous comma-separated value (csv) format to analytical software of their choice (e.g. Excel, Stata, Matlab and so forth) to carry out advanced analysis according to their needs.

2. Are there any video tutorials on EasyData available?

Yes, an introductory video walkthrough is available on SBP’s official YouTube Channel. More videos will be posted soon to facilitate users for specific use-cases and How Tos.

3. What types of statistics does SBP provide?

The SBP compiles statistics relating to Monetary, External and Financial sectors. The statistics are made available to general public through SBP website in the form of datasets and publications. SBP also presents key economic data from other agencies such as Pakistan Bureau of Statistics to facilitate its users. However, SBP is providing the data compiled or produced by other sources to facilitate users such as government functionaries, academia, researchers and other users. Timely availability of such data is subject to its receipt from the source.

4. When statistics are released?

These statistics are released according to a pre-determined schedule. This schedule is made public as Advance Release Calendar which is available at

5. How the data is organized in EasyData?

The data is organized as time-series of datasets consisting of one or more variables. EasyData presents the data in following formats:

  1. Datasets: simply speaking data tables
  2. Time-series
  3. Snapshots of key indicators

6. Where can I find the time-series data?

The time series are available in “Datasets” option provided at the top right of this screen. You may also use "Search" option that is available on Datasets screen.

7. How many variables are available in EasyData?

EasyData has data on more than seven thousand variables. More datasets and variables will be added over time. The "Newly Added Datasets" section on the home page provides information about such data.

8. What is the frequency of data provided?

Different variables have different frequencies, ranging from daily to annual data series.

9. Can I download data?

Yes; the data can be downloaded as complete dataset(s) or time-series of selected variables in comma-separated format (csv).

10. Is there any graph available with a series?

Yes, a simple but useful line graph is available for each variable. The chart is accompanied with a set of useful chart controls. Users may also compare multiple series (up to 5) on a single graph for comparison. To use this feature, users are required to create a user account.

11. Can I download graph in to MS Excel or Word?

Yes; graph can be downloaded as PNG file. The option to export graph is available at right hand panel of the chart screen.

12. Which browsers should be used for best view of EasyData?

EasyData is optimized for the latest version of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Browsers on standard PC.

13. Do I have to login to access EasyData?

You may access EasyData without having a user account. However, in order to use the Data Basket feature, you need to have a user account. Creating a user account on EasyData is quite simple. You just need to have an active email address. We do not require any other information from our users for creating an account with us. You may delete your account whenever you like.

14. Can I use the data for my research work?

Users can use the data for their research work mentioning the data source. However, commercial use of the data is not advised unless authorized by the source.

15. Can I save my Data Basket for later use?

Yes; Data basket can be saved for later use. You will need to have an account to create and use this feature.

16. Can I share SBP data with others?

Yes; you can download the series of your choice and share with your team for their use. However, we shall recommend that you refer EasyData or other SBP website to your team members, students, etc. for directly accessing SBP data.

17. Who should I contact in case of any suggestions, complaints, or feedback?

Users are welcome to provide any feedback via email. Contact details are provided in Help->Contact Us section. The Help menu is available at the top right of this page.

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